Monday, October 13, 2014

My little family:)

We tried some family photos but only got a few because Noelan started feeling sick:(  But I love these two!  I guess that's the good part about doing your own photos, you can always reschedule! 

Colby Joe!

How cute is this little stud??!  

Saturday, September 27, 2014

I finally came up with a logo I like:)

I am loving this logo, especially the colored one on the last photo.  Now I just want to try it out in all different colors and on all my photos to see how it looks!

Professional prints

When I first started taking pictures I would edit them just perfect, but when I would print them, they came out completely different than the image on my screen.  Well I soon discovered that the problem was the places I was printing, aka Walmart/Costco.  Now I always tell my clients to make sure they use a professional print shop.  It really makes a BIG difference!
This is a photo from JQ Studio.  You can see the overall color and contrast is different in each picture, especially this little guy's hair.  It's worth paying a little more at a pro lab to get much better prints.

Check out this blog post it has some great info and examples of this!
Professional Lab vs. Drugstore Prints